2017 summer fair

Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition 2017 summer


A, the exhibition schedule:


Move-in time: on May 31, 2017 - June 1


Show time: June 2-4, 2017


Move-in time: 4 PM on June 4, 2017


Second, the booth fee standards:


1. Each 9 m2 standard booths for RMB 6800 (Angle charge 20%), within the booth with a table, two stool, two


The light tube, a power supply socket, lintel board bearing the name of a company.


2. Each 9 m2 booth of 6400 yuan, light booth did not deserve any equipment, the other due to the pavilion's fee and electricity, management fee is 30 yuan per square meter, electricity charging standards can be found in the "exhibition manual".


Three, exhibition area:


Bring the kitchen food exhibition of equipment and facilities


Chinese and western kitchen equipment, kitchen stoves, kitchen knives, banquet meal furnace, stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, induction cooker, snack equipment, baking equipment, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration, fresh cabinet, cling film, preservation of aluminum foil, food machinery, dishwasher, ice machine, water heater, exhaust equipment, environmental equipment, beer


Bring about hotel furniture exhibition


Hotel restaurant furniture, hotel suite furniture, hotel room furniture, sofa, decoration to the hotel mattress, antique furniture, banquet furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, dining electric, induction cooker, etc


Bring the desktop products exhibition


Stainless steel tableware, bamboo tableware, ceramic tableware, glass tableware, melamine tableware, cooking utensils, alcohol furnace, glassware, glass turntable, treasure, chopsticks


Bring form a complete set of rooms, electrical appliances, titanium and lobby supplies exhibition area


Television, telephone, hotel safety deposit box, electronic door lock, kettle, consumable, room service, diners, control system of the head of a bed, guest room lamps and lanterns, umbrella stand, speech client platform, the lobby signs, palm trees, sculpture decoration


Bring about cleaning and laundry equipment exhibition


Washing machine, polishing machine, machine, electronic c box, suction machine, hair dryer, vacuum cleaners, trash can, dust, floor MATS, detergents, detergent, hand sanitizer, soap machine, dry skin, stone care equipment, clean air machine, laundry equipment


Bring the textile cloth art galleries, uniform


Bedding, table cloth, table mat, napkin, bath towel, carpet, laundry bags, feather products, hotel linen, hotel uniforms


Bring about coffee and tea, and food exhibition


Food, coffee equipment, coffee machine, coffee tea set, tea series, wine, spices, health food, beverage, soup


Bring other galleries


Hotel, restaurant series software, POS terminal display system, hotels, conference, entertainment, monitoring systems, induction series products, fitness intelligent devices, media, etc


Four, the enterprise registration participation matters:


1. The exhibitors are required to fill out the exhibition application form and fax or mail it to me after the company chop on company. 2. After receiving the booth application form my company, is the enterprises signed an agreement. 3. The exhibition companies booth confirmation, 5 days to deal with the booth fee 50% as deposit, balance paid within 2 months before the exhibition layout, overdue don't pay, undertaking unit does not guarantee confirmation of booth. The booth change please forgive me. 4. The enterprises pay the booth, please by bank transfer, by cheque, please fill in sponsoring company name on the cheque


Said, please do not pay in cash and no order cheque. Otherwise, the resulting economic loss shall be the responsibility of the exhibition industry. 5. Receiving unit: guangzhou fo xing exhibition service co., LTD., bank: China construction bank guangzhou branch wuyang new account: 44001400905050077188


6. In the unpredictable and irresistible factors, the organizers shall have the right to shorten or extend a date, delay or cancel this


The exhibition. 7. In view of the assembly of the whole need or have a special reason, both sides talks things over to change the booth location, exhibitors should cooperate to perform. 8. Exhibitors may not be transferred to stand on its own, can not carry inflammable, explosive, toxic and other items and with declare participation


Goods does not conform to the product approach, otherwise the organizers have the power to clear out of the pavilion, the participation fee will not be returned and retain the power of the exhibitors shall be investigated for responsibility.


9. The onsite to eliminate toys, planes, bags, clothing, telescope, massager, cutting tools, juicer, jewelry, necklace, and other hotel supplies products exhibition, once found the organizers have the power to clear out the exhibition hall, cash will not be returned.


10. Exhibitors shall not infringe others' intellectual property rights of the products on display, if you have found that the organizers shall have the right to seal the infringing products or to clear the pavilion, the cost will not be returned.


Five, the organizer address and telephone:


Guangzhou fo xing exhibition service co., LTD


Address: guangzhou city road 16, guangzhou military region, film and television building 328 room


Telephone: (020) 13535575207 020


Fax: (020) 32863317 020


Contact: Cheng Feng 13535575207


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